Copper Nickel Bolts

TorqBolt is an exclusive manufacturer of Copper Nickel Bolts. Copper Nickel is an ideal mixture of copper and nickel with additions of manganese and ferrous contents like iron which when combined together fight seawater corrosion. Cupro nickel bolts and copper nickel bolts are the most common trade names used in the bolt industry. These bolts are preferred over Silicon Bronze Bolts and Stainless Steel Bolts due to highly corrosion resistance in salty environments. It is used in marine seawater applications show excessive resistance towards corrosions and are often used for its unique feature of thermal stability.

Cupro Nickel Alloys

£0.31 - £1780

Copper Nickel 70/30 Bolts

UNS C71500, BS2871, DIN 2.0882, CUNI30FE


ASTM B151, F468 Alloy 71500

ASME SB151 / SF468 Alloy 71500

DIN 17660, 17664, 17666

SKU: 10010154
£0.47 - £1390

Copper Nickel 90/10 Bolts

UNS C70600, BS2871, DIN 2.0872, CUNI10FE


ASTM B151, F468 Alloy 70600

ASME SB151 / SF468 Alloy 70600

DIN 17660, 17664, 17666

SKU: 10010153